Tables Turn as Ichungwah Sends Emotional Plea to Uhuru

National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichungwa has sent a plea to former President Uhuru Kenyatta just hours after the former head of state graced a fundraising event in Mwingi, Machakos County.

The outspoken has responded to the former head of state who took a swipe the president Ruto-led administration while breaking his silence during the event in Machakos.

Mr Ichung’wa has sent a plea to Mr Kenyatta requesting him to give the Kenya Kwanza administration space to clean up mess that allegedly took place during his tenure in office.

Mr Ichung’wa urged that the problems that are currently facing Kenya were born in the previous regime that was headed by Uhuru Kenyatta.

“We are cleaning up your mess Mr Kenyatta, please give as peace as we clean up your mess. We are not interested in what you did. What we are going is forging ahead and getting sustainable solutions.

This comes hours after Uhuru Kenyatta while making his address in Mwingi slammed the Kenya Kwanza government his government everytime they fail to deliver.

“I do not want to say much… not because I fear…I stopped fearing. We have been threatened, told a lot of things. Every time someone fails they say ‘Oh! Previous government,” Uhuru remarked.