Jackie Maribe Hit With Bad News

The Ministry’s Head of Communications Appointment Confirmed by Public Service Commission

Moses Kuria, the Cabinet Secretary for Public Service Performance and Delivery Management, has confirmed Jacque Maribe’s appointment as the Ministry’s head of communications. However, he clarified that contrary to social media reports, he did not personally appoint the former Citizen TV reporter.

“It is true, except that I am not the one who appointed her but the Public Service Commission(PSC),” CS Kuria said on Sunday.

Nevertheless, Kuria welcomed Maribe’s appointment, stating that it aligns with President William Ruto’s administration’s commitment to showcasing a nation of justice, equal opportunities, and support for people to rebuild their lives.

“It is the right thing to do for Jacque as the President Ruto administration is keen to demonstrate that there is nothing like life in ashes, this is a country of justice, equal opportunities and one that will lend you a hand to rise from your ruins,” CS Kuria said as quoted by Nation.Africa.

Maribe expressed gratitude for the opportunity, seeing it as a manifestation of the hand of God at work in her life.

“The truth, which always sets us all free, has worked and I thank God for everything. Let us wait and see if the hand of God is revealing itself in my new appointment,” Ms Maribe said.

This appointment comes a month after Maribe’s acquittal in Monica Kimani’s murder case, spanning almost six years. Justice Grace Nzioka ruled on February 9, 2024, that there was insufficient evidence to convict Maribe of the murder.

She attributed the acquittal to a poorly conducted investigation by the prosecution, asserting that they brought forth the wrong charge against the former news anchor.

Digital strategist Dennis Itumbi, who supported Maribe throughout the case, extended his congratulations on her new role.

“Congratulations, Jacque Maribe. May God bless you as you serve Asante @HonMoses_Kuria for standing with a generation, please keep doing good and stretching your hand,” he said.

Maribe holds a degree in journalism and media studies from the University of Nairobi.