Good News to all Kenyans Who Applied for KRA Assistant Jobs

The High Court in Busia has ruled the recruitment of 1,406 revenue service assistants by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) unconstitutional due to the disproportionate benefit received by two ethnic communities.

Filed by Peter Kabinga on October 12, 2023, the petition highlighted that 785 recruits hailed from two communities while only 621 came from other Kenyan communities.

Anthony Mwaura, Chairman of the KRA Board of Directors, and KRA Commissioner General, Humphery Wattanga, were listed as respondents. Kabinga argued that communities associated with Eng. Mwaura, particularly Thika and Kiharu, gained significantly more slots compared to other regions.

For instance, Thika town constituency received 50 slots and Kiharu constituency got 40, while other areas received only one slot each.

Eng. Mwaura explained that due to the overwhelming number of applicants, physical interviews were impractical, so aptitude tests were conducted, with recruitment based on merit.

However, the High Court deemed the recruitment unconstitutional, citing violations of the Constitution’s preamble and Articles 10, 27, 56, and 232 (g) (h) (i).

Justice William Musyoka issued an order prohibiting KRA from recruiting staff at all levels until an ethnic diversity and regional balance policy, aligned with constitutional values, is implemented within 30 days.