Ruto’s Phone Call Conversation With Tuktuk Driver

President Ruto took a grassroots approach to connect with the common citizens, making impromptu phone calls to individuals who identify as “hustlers.”

The phrase “Maisha iko aje tangu mnichague” (How has life been since you chose me?) has become the hallmark of these unexpected conversations, showcasing a unique effort by the head of state to engage directly with his voter base.

The phone calls, seemingly unscripted and spontaneous, reveal a president eager to understand the challenges and triumphs faced by ordinary citizens since his election.

The term “hustlers” in Kenyan political discourse refers to individuals working hard to make ends meet in various informal sectors, and President Ruto’s choice to directly communicate with them echoes his commitment to grassroots connections.

This grassroots approach has sparked mixed reactions across the political spectrum. Supporters applaud the president’s hands-on approach, praising him for staying connected to the people who played a crucial role in his ascent to power.

Critics, however, question the authenticity of these impromptu calls, labeling them as a strategic political move to maintain a populist image.

As “Maisha iko aje tangu mnichague” becomes a trending phrase, it not only signifies a shift in political communication but also raises questions about the evolving dynamics of leadership and representation in Kenya.

Whether this approach will have a lasting impact on the political landscape remains to be seen, but for now, President Ruto’s unexpected phone calls have certainly stirred conversation and left citizens curious about the future of their engagement with the highest office in the land.