Maina Njenga Speaks After His Cruel Kidnap

Kenyans were startled by alarming news as reports surfaced that opposition leader Maina Njega had been abducted by unidentified individuals.

According to Sources, Maina Njenga was allegedly pulled out of his vehicle by unknown people on Saturday night, his family said.

According to his lawyer Ndegwa Njiru, Njenga has not been booked at any police station yet.

“My client, Maina Njenga, is still missing. He was abducted by police whose Subarus had a South Sudan registration number. He was never booked at any police station,” Njiru said.

Nevertheless, last night, news had it that Maina Njenga had been released by his kidnappers.

According to The Standard, Former Mugiki leader Maina Njenga was released by his kidnappers who dropped him off in Limuru at 10.15pm; he took a motorcycle to a friend’s house in Kiambu.

His release came hours after Azimio leaders asked the government to release him saying he had not been arraigned at any police station.