DCI Exposes What He Found in Maina Njenga’s Bedroom

The hearing of former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga’s case started off yesterday and among the witnesses was DCI detective Eric Wanaina who was among policemen who raided Maina Njenga’s homestead.

Eric Wainaina revealed several things that DCI detectives recovered from Maina Njenga’s bedroom and the whole house.

According to Wainaina, the policemen recovered a pistol and three rounds of ammunitions in Maina Njenga’s bedroom.

Additionally, they found a home made pistol, 96 rolls of Canabis Sativa and 1kg of traditional tobacco. Also, they found a notebook with suspicious notes on planned criminal activities.

” We also found notebooks containing suspicious notes on planned criminal activities”, Wainaina said.

His statement comes off in line with reports that DCI received concerning a criminal meeting that was being planned by a group affiliated to mungiki.

During the raid, Maina Njenga wasn’t in the house as he had left a say before according to Eric Wainaina’s statement.

This is apparently a huge setback for Maina Njenga who is allegedly seeking the Mt Kenya region kingpin position.

Maina Njenga is as well planning to host former president Uhuru Kenyatta in December for a key event. Invitations will be send to Deputy president Rigathi Gachagua, governors and senators from the region as per Maina Njenga’s statement.