Maina Njenga Speaks of His Close Friendship With Gachagua

In Nyeri County, on Friday, during the burial ceremony, Maina Njenga’s remarks caught the attention of the attendees who were present after he alleged that DP Rigathi Gachagua was his best friend.

Disclosing how the friendship began, the ex-Mungiki leader said that there was a moment when he was anxious to commit something, which he didn’t mention, adding that although DP Rigathi was his adversary, he appeared to be liberated, and all things went well.

“This man, DP Rigathi Gachagua, helped me one day, and at that moment, he was still my opponent since the personality began months ago, and I didn’t believe what occurred to me since I didn’t anticipate such phenomena to come about,” Maina Njenga said.

Maina Njenga therefore went on to argue with the DP that they, as the leaders, can sit on the table to complete some of the matters that are making them adversaries.