Gachagua Goes After Maina Njenga

Deputy President of Kenya has now fired at ex-mungiki leader Maina Njenga once again revealing the actions the government is going to take against him.

While in Nyandarua County, Gachagua has said that even if Njenga tries to hide behind the people in the Azimio La Umoja camp, the government is going to smoke him out.

His message has also been clear as he has vowed that there is no way the government will allow the ex-mungiki gang to be revived because of what it used to do back then.

“Walikuwa wanaingia kwa ng’ombe ya mtu na si yao wanakamua maziwa wanaenda kukuka ugali nayo. Na ng’ombe ni yako mtu anaingia kwako anakamua hata hakamui yote anakamua ile peke yake anataka alafu anaenda. Hiyo we cannot allow it and I want to say this government will not allow the revival of that criminal gang and their leader should know that. Hata akijificha kwa watu wa Azimio we will smoke them out. That gang would not be allowed anywhere not just in Mount Kenya but in the country because it was a gang that was ruthless,” said honorable Gachagua.

Gachagua has narrated how members of the mungiki gang used to milk people’s cows without their permission and take the milk to go and drink it with maize flour meal. He has also that it was a ruthless organization hence the reason why they can’t allow it to re-emerge again.