Maina Njenga Will Be Arrested Again, Pauline Njoroge Speaks

Pauline Njoroge has said, At this rate Maina will be arrested again. Gachagua doesn’t like this.

This video of Maina Njenga at Ruiru stadium yesterday can make a certain house in Karen order a container full of Eno and stomach antacids.

This is as he was singing a Mau mau song together with a crowd that was in Ruiru.

It seems Maina cannot be easily silenced and his following is immense. The real deal, he is resonating well with the ground. Someone’s heart just somersaulted and landed on its back with a thud!

A netizen has alleged that, like the chairman he’s energetic and the Deputy President is not happy. Unemployment is a national disaster that needs immediate attention.

Someone else has said, What this government is supporting through their leader Maina Njenga will be the greatest mess that we shall be in. The illegal group is already in our streets. What was fought hard by the late Michuki.