84M Still Missing as DCI Recovers Only 9.1M in Quickmart Heist

Detectives drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Saturday arrested four men suspected of carrying out the Ksh94 million heist in Nairobi CBD.

The money was from the weekend sales of a supermarket and was meant to be taken to a local bank in the Nairobi CBD.

A suspect, identified as the owner of the vehicle used in the heist, was arrested in Rongai, while the vehicle itself was traced to Njiru in Kayole.

In Njiru, two additional suspects were taken into custody as they attempted to modify the vehicle to conceal its identity, according to a police report.

The investigative efforts were expanded to the vicinity of Thika Road Mall (TRM) in Kasarani, leading to the apprehension of a fourth suspect at his rented residence.

During this operation, the police successfully recovered Ksh9.1 million from the total amount of Ksh94 million that had been stolen.

Moreover, a significant development in the case occurred when an empty cash box was discovered in the forest adjacent to Gataka market in Karen. This location is believed to be where the stolen cash was shared among the suspects.

“All the scenes have been processed by the Crime Scene and Investigation (CSI) Nairobi Region,” read part of the police report.

According to detectives from Capitol Hill Police Station, efforts are underway to recover the remaining stolen cash.

The arrests come after 2 security firm employees hit national headlines after they stole the Ksh94 million and disappeared before the truck was recovered at Dafarm in South C, where they had abandoned their vehicle.

According to police reports, the two fled with the cash after they were tasked by the company to transport the money. Administration Police (AP) who were supposed to escort them raised the alarm after they failed to show up.

In Kenya, security firms provide cash transit services to banks and businesses engaged in substantial financial transactions.

As part of these services, a security escort is typically provided to ensure the safe transport and protection of the cash in transit.