Heart broken Martha Karua reveals her next political action after they lost the presidential election to the Kenya Kwanza presidential Candidate Dr William Ruto who emerges victorious in the August 9th general elections.

Martha Karua who was the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya coalition flagbearer Raila Odinga running mate in the August polls said she is still shocked that William Ruto stile their victory and denied them justice.

She said despite all that she will still remian steadfast in ensurinv the country does not slip into dictatorship and that the rule of law is upheld.

“We shall remain unbroken and we shall continue to serve Kenya because we love our country. We will remain here working to make our home a better place for all of us” she said.

“You can steal our vites, you can deny us justice but I cannot be your accomplice in your attempt to break my spirit. I will remain who I am and my truth will remain my truth, therefore don’t get tired when we say it wasy stole.” she said.

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