It has emerged that the William Ruto led administration is plotting taking over the health dickey from the devolved units.

According to sources, this move by the national government which is led by William Ruto has been opposed vehemently by the all the county Governors.

They have since joined hands to fight such a move saying that it is a nice aimed at killing devolution in the country.

Sources have revealed that President William Ruto held a high-profile meeting on February 14th with health workers unions with Insider said that the meeting was aimed at plotting on how the national government would take over the health functions from their counties.

According to those in the know how the meeting which was held at state House Nairobi proposed the formation of health risk commission which is an independent body that will oversee the management of all medics in the country.

This move which has angered the county buses has been perceived to be an encroachment on devolution and devolved functions and they have one that the national government to stop meddling in the affairs of the County governments.