New Video of Ruto and Sudi Leaves Kenyans Suprised

An incident involving President William Ruto and Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi has sparked widespread speculation and discussion among Kenyan netizens.

While walking alongside Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, President Ruto was caught on camera pushing Sudi aside, leading to speculation about a breach of protocol.

Sudi, a staunch supporter of Ruto, found himself at the center of attention as Kenyans debated the significance of the gesture. This incident prompted questions about power dynamics and loyalty within the political landscape, with observers scrutinizing every aspect of the encounter.

However, just as assumptions began to take shape, a new video emerged, providing a different perspective on the relationship between Ruto and Sudi. In this separate video, captured at a different event, Ruto is seen playfully teasing Sudi, jokingly referring to him as an engineer with lighthearted skepticism.

The atmosphere in the video is jovial, with the audience cheering on as the two politicians share a moment of camaraderie. The unexpected contrast between the two videos has left many Kenyans surprised and prompted further speculation about the true nature of the relationship between Ruto and Sudi.