Okiya Omtatah Involved in an Accident

Senator Okiyah Omtatah’s vehicle involved in accident at Ojola area.

Busia Senator Okiyah Omtatah has been involved in an accident on his way to Busia.

The accident involved a trailer and the vehicle he was travelling in.

The senator did not sustain any injuries.

According to the Senator, the trailer which had lost control in the Ojola area hit his vehicle and threw him off the road.

“The vehicle hit mine as I tried to swerve. The trailer landed in a ditch. It was going to be a bad accident but I was lucky. By the time it reached my vehicle, it was moving aside. I had a driver,” he said.

“The car did not roll. I had my seatbelt on so I did not get any injuries.”

Omtatah who spoke to the Star said following the accident, officers from Maseno Police Station intervened.

“All is well,” he said.

“The driver of the trailers said his brakes failed. The vehicle could not move police from Maseno gave me a Landcruiser to drive me home.”