Murkomen Speaks on Receiving 15B From Chinese Tycoon

Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen has taken legal action against Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei, alleging defamation over the Senator’s claim that Murkomen received a Ksh15 billion incentive from a Chinese investor.

Murkomen, through his legal representatives, has demanded an apology from the Senator within seven days, emphasizing the falsehood of the accusations. Failure to comply may result in a lawsuit.

Cherargei was also asked to prove his claims and accept liability for defamation.

“The stated words, in their usual and straightforward interpretation, implied and were comprehended by ordinary, fair-minded individuals in society to suggest that our client engaged in the wrongdoing of accepting a bribe from China Wu Yi and is corrupt.

The aforementioned statements are unequivocally untrue, and you published them with malice, lacking any trace of evidence to support their accuracy when you initially spoke them or thereafter,” stated a portion of the demand letter.

On November 24, at a press conference, Cherargei claimed that Murkomen received a USD100 million bribe during his visit to China.

According to Cherargei, the bribe was issued between June and October this year and was meant to influence the award of tenders at the Transport Ministry.

The Senator had also claimed that part of the billions were used to finance the lifestyle of the CS.

“I want to dare him to tell the country what agreement did he agree on the allegation of receiving a hundred million US Dollars from China Wu Yi, where he was paid an upfront of fifty million, and we have all the facts. We have the flight manifest. We know where the money is in Dubai.

“It is that some of us are keeping what we call distance but it has reached a time that the country must know the truth and that is why he decided to ensure he gets protection from the House so that some of us do not speak and tell the county the truth,” Cherargei was quoted in the demand letter.