Kibaki’s Grandson Speaks on Being Rejected by a Girl

Sean Andrew Mwaura Kibaki, the grandson of the late President Mwai Kibaki, recently shared his experiences in the world of commercial modeling.

In a YouTube interview, Andrew recounted a peculiar incident where he had been selected by an advertising agency for a modeling job, only to have the opportunity abruptly taken away at the last minute.

According to the celebrity model, he had successfully navigated auditions for the advertisement, and everything seemed promising until the day before the shoot.

He received a disheartening call informing him that he had been dropped from the project because, as the agency put it, he was “too cute” for the role.

Andrew expressed his bewilderment at the rationale behind his dismissal, struggling to comprehend how someone could be considered “too cute” for a modeling job. He recalled his reaction, saying, “I am too cute! What does that mean I am too cute?”

The agency explained that they were looking for a more mature appearance, as he appeared somewhat youthful and childlike. Frustrated and upset, Andrew remembered throwing his phone in frustration.

Interestingly, some of his friends ended up securing the modeling gig that he lost due to his perceived cuteness.

Sean Andrew’s experience sheds light on the unpredictable and sometimes unconventional standards within the modeling industry, where even being “too cute” can be a hindrance to landing certain roles.

Andrew noted that he could not fathom the reason behind his dismissal, stressing that he struggled to understand how he was too cute for the job.

What had happened was we did the final audition and I was in. And then the day before the shoot I was like ‘ok I have this money coming in I have made it, you are already spending it in your head’. It was the day before the shoot I am called and now the agency were very hesitant like ‘I don’t know what to tell you but the feedback I have gotten is that you are too cute for the advert’. I was like ‘I am too cute! What does that mean I am too cute?’ Then they are like ‘yeah they wanted someone who looks a bit more mature, you are just too cute you look a bit childish nini nini’. I was like damn ok what do I do about that? I just remember being so upset, I threw my phone into a bush,” Sean Andrew recalled.

He added that some of his friends got the gig after he was dropped for being too cute.

I just saw these guys, some of them were my friends they don’t know that they replaced me. But I was a bit salty, I didn’t talk to them for like…

Political background

Sean Andrew comes from a powerful political family in Kenya but he has managed to forge his own path in the world of showbiz.

He gained prominence in Kenya due to his family’s political background and his active presence on social media.

Speaking to vloggers in late July 2023 during the grand opening of Chateau 254 Cellar Gastro Club which is owned by Akothee’s daughter Vesha Okello, Sean Andrew stressed that he would never ever join politics, noting that it was ‘too dirty’ for him to handle.

“I don’t think in Kenya you need to be a politician to serve people publicly. I think you can help a great number of people without being a politician. And that the way it should be. Politics is an ugly business unfortunately they have made it even uglier and I am not interested in that. I can serve people in my own way privately, as a private citizen,” he said.