Group Behind Maina Njenga’s Kidnap

The Azimio One Kenya coalition addressed the concerning issue of the kidnapping of Hon. Maina Njenga, a former Mungiki leader, shedding light on the alleged involvement of a notorious group known as the Special Support Unit (SSU).

This incident has raised significant concerns about the safety and security of Kenyans.

The Azimio coalition has identified the group responsible for Hon. Maina Njenga’s abduction as an assassin squad believed to be affiliated with the SSU. The kidnappers were armed, concealed by hoods, and drove Subaru vehicles.

These ominous details have prompted suspicions that the SSU, a unit notorious for its involvement in intimidating Kenyans during anti-tax rallies, is still operational and continues to pose a threat to the public.

Azimio’s claim is clear: the SSU-affiliated killers have terrorized innocent Kenyans, and urgent action is required to address this grave issue.

The coalition is calling upon the Kwanza government of Kenya to confront this action head-on and launch a thorough investigation to locate and bring to justice those responsible for the kidnapping of their ally, Hon. Maina Njenga.

In light of these troubling developments, there is an imperative need to bolster security nationwide to alleviate the fears and concerns of the Kenyan populace.

A heightened security presence can help restore a sense of safety and confidence among the citizens, who deserve to live without the constant threat of violence and intimidation.

The Azimio One Kenya coalition’s statement serves as a stark reminder of the challenges that persist in Kenya’s security landscape. It is a call to action for the government to ensure the safety and protection of its citizens and to hold those responsible for such heinous acts accountable.

The nation is watching closely, hoping for swift and effective measures to bring an end to these acts of violence and intimidation.