Azimio Moves to Court

Azimio One Kenya coalition that happens to be the official opposition team in the republic of Kenya are now heading to court.

As reported by one source, Azimio through their lawyer, Mr Paul Mwangi has announced that they are going to file a case to prevent the president of this country, Dr William Samoe Ruto from pardoning more convicts from various prisons in the country. According to Mwangi who happens to be one of the veteran lawyers in the country, Ruto’s decision to pardon some criminals have lead to a serious increase in corruption cases.

This move by Azimio is coming in just some few weeks after president William Ruto pardoned a total of 37 people. Among them is the former KEMRI boss, Mr Davy Koech who had been jailed over a corruption scandal worth shs 19.3 million. Koech had written a letter to the president last year seeking to be forgiven as he had paid back shs 21 million to KEMRI.