Govt Announces Replacement of Nhif Cards

Today, after a long period of silence, the Kenyan government made a significant news that is pertinent to all Kenyans residing in distinguished local and regional areas.

According to a statement made by Huduma Kenya on July 14, 2023, the Kenyan government has forbidden all Kenyan citizens from using their membership cards in the National Hospital Insurance Fund to pay for medical services.

The Kenyan government has advised all residents who still possess their NHIF cards to complete their NHIF biometrics at the nearest Huduma Center as the National Hospital Insurance Fund membership cards are no longer valid.

According to material made public by the Kenyan government, ongoing access to medical care would be made possible by sending biometric data from the National Hospital Insurance Fund to the local Huduma clinics.

Important update: NHIF cards are no longer in use. Visit one of our Centers to complete your NHIF biometrics and ensure ongoing access to healthcare benefits, the ministry said.