A senior member in Ruto’s administration has reportedly submitted his letter of resignation, according to news that reached our desk this morning.

He boldly states that he put a lot of effort into working for Kenya Airways and that the time has come for him to move on.

According to the person who serves as Kenya Air Ways’ independent non-executive director, it is past time for him to make room for others.

In a statement released by the institution’s Board of Directors and management, Hon. John Ngumi announced his decision to pursue other business opportunities and make place for fresh leadership.

“My decision to leave is driven by my conviction that the time is right for others to step in and build on the transformational platform that the Board and Management of KQ have created,” he said. “The hard work of stabilizing KQ is starting to bear fruit.”

However, we are happy for him that he is serving in the KQ firm and are appreciative of his commitment.