Former Mungiki Leader Hon Maina Njenga has came out guns blazing to dismiss and refute a section of media reports and claims that he is positioning himself to Deputize President William Ruto come 2027 as well as inheriting the Mt Kenya Kingpin Position, even as he accused Deputy President Hon Riggy G of being part and parcel of the current woes.

Speaking during NTV’s 7pm bulletins where he has also denied reports he was being forced to dump the Opposition Leader Hon Raila 0dinga over concerns that his (Maina) rising influence might destabilize the KKA Regime, the Vocal Mt Kenya Diehard said it was sickening that some people had chosen to read too deep.

But regarding the issue of Mt Kenya Politics, Maina Njenga told those who call themselves sons of Mau Mau to brace themselves to be edged out adding that the Mountain needs a person who can articulate their issues.

Also, Maina Njenga in a message now aimed at Deputy President said that one should stop misusing Criminal Justice Systems to score politically adding that it is time to deliver on the pre-election promises and avoid sideshows.