The Kamba politician Shocked the public when ARV drugs accidentally dropped from her bag. The politician was campaigning to capture a County Seat when she mistook ARV packet for money.

After drawing it from the bag, one of her aides told her she has pulled something else and not money. She quickly tried to hide the drug but it was too late.

Several people saw it with their own eyes, they whispered and sympathized with the Mheshimiwa, whose husband died a few years ago.

Though the politician looks healthy, it was reported that the husband died of the deadly disease, leaving her spreading it among peers. It is also reported that the politician is not aggressive nowadays because the disease is seriously eating her—luckily, she is rich.

Joji Baro

The gospel gay artist once broke the news of being a HIV victim to the public and his fans were caught by surprise. Joji Baro is well known for his strong fight for the rights of Gays and Lesbians in Kenya. 

According to a Facebook post written by Facebook blogger Cabu Gah, Joji became gay after joining high school. 

While at St Paul’s Miluki high school, Joji entered into a romantic relationship with a Catholic priest where he was priest’s girlfriend. 

Richard Amouk

The Guru Hip Hop star is famous for the largest music bands of late 90’s , Achong Pong Clan and Ukoo Flani. 

Richard Amouk lived a life on the first lane and he partied with girls in most of the Nairobi’s nightclubs.

Not long after enjoying life, Amouk began exhibiting signs and symptoms of HIV but ignored for a while. 

Later in 2010 after ailing for long, Amouk went to test for HIV and shocking enough, he was positive. 

In 2012, after two years of denial, Amouk came to accept his status and made it public. 

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