A section of Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance MPs have poked holes in President William Ruto’s 22-member Cabinet nominees list, claiming that the integrity of most of the individuals proposed for the positions is questionable and hence they are undeserving of the said dockets.

Speaking in Nairobi on Wednesday, the legislators, led by Ugunja MP James Opiyo, slammed President Ruto’s move to include persons who have been linked to cases of graft and theft of public resources among the list of Cabinet nominees.

“In an economy that is crying for revival, it is shocking that the UDA administration has packed the proposed Cabinet with some men and women who should be in jail for engaging in economic crimes and sabotage of the country,” said the MPs.

“Most of the nominees suffer acute financial and ethical deficit which the appointing authority is aware of but chose to ignore in nominating them because, it would appear, in this administration, ethics and accountability won’t matter.”

According to the legislators, Kenyans must brace themselves for tougher times ahead if the said individuals, who they insist are under qualified for the roles, are cleared by Parliament to take up the ministerial positions.

“Equally worrying is the fact that a good number of the nominees have no demonstrated record of critical thinking that this country requires to dig itself out of the economic mess we’ve had for the past ten years,” said the MPs.

“If approved in its entirety, this will be the least inspiring Cabinet in Kenya’s history. It is the least qualified to manage the affairs of the state.”

The Azimio MPs however underscored that they won’t just roll over and accept the nominations without airing the aforementioned concerns when vetting the qualifications of the nominated Cabinet members in the coming days.

As it stands, only Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi will be exempted from the appraisal exercise as he was appointed on an executive order.

Should the House dismiss the credentials of any of the other Cabinet nominees, President Ruto will have no other option but to name alternatives who will similarly be appraised.

“We will be saying more on these nominees in the coming days and particularly during the confirmation hearings in the National Assembly,” said the MPs.

“Our initial take, however, is that Kenyans should prepare themselves for very difficult times ahead but they must know that there are a lot of questions about some of them and we will be asking those questions relentlessly.”