The Orange Democratic Movement Party Leaders have appeared bitter after Deputy President William Ruto’s election rigging claims while on a tour to the United States of America disclosing what should happen to him immediately he arrives in Kenya after the visit.

Led by ODM National Chairman John Mbadi has said that DP Ruto’s remarks alleging that the democracy of Kenya is in jeopardy citing malpractices during elections should be investigated.

Alleging that it might be a strategy by the Second in Command in preparation of rejecting the August 9th polls outcome in claims that his victory was robed.

Mbadi has said that Ruto has realized that he has low chances of defeating the Azimio la Umoja candidate and that is why he is trying all means to whip up emotions by inciting other nations against the country.

“The call on US leaders by Ruto is curious. At what point did he change? He has on several occasions said his votes can never be stolen. Either he is preparing to reject the outcome of the polls or he has sensed defeat and is just whipping up emotions,” said Mr. Mbadi.

ODM Secretary of Political Affairs Opiyo Wandayi has also reacted against DP Ruto’s statement ls calling for his immediate investigations after his return to Kenya.

The Ugunja Member of Parliament has said that DP Ruto needs to be summoned by the IEBC and explain what he knows about rigging a proposal that has been supported by Kitui Central MP Makali Mulu.

“Ruto should stop crying wolf. He is simply escalating his frustrations to the international arena. Above all, he must come clean on what he knows about rigging plans.

Why can’t he share them with the Kenyan state agencies responsible for law enforcement? Does he mean he has lost faith in his own country’s institutions?” Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi has said.

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