Kenyan famous member of Parliament (MP) has been arrested. East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP Florence Jematia has been arrested.

According to reports, the EALA MP was arrested on Wednesday, February 2 at her home in Lang’ata, Nairobi over alleged incitement remarks.

Following his arrest, Jematia was processed at Nairobi Area police station awaiting arraignment.

Speaking in Lamaiywe, Baringo county, the MP is said to have threatened to start a funds drive to purchase guns for locals to defend themselves against bandits.

“We need a paybill number now to collect funds to purchase guns. If people can afford motorcycles, then they can afford the arms as well

“Local leaders should also allocate funds to the same to solve this menace if the government is reluctant to hear our cries,” Jematia told locals.

Jematia noted that they are tired of asking for protection from seciroty security officers who are properly equipped to protect them.

Following the remarks, the MP was summoned to appear before the National Cohesion and Integrated Commission (NCIC).

“Since morning tumekua tukimtafuta na kesho atakua anaappear neforethe committee akuje atuelezee zile vitu alisema huko Lamaiywe

“It is not the way to go, you cannot correct a wrong by a wrong. You can imagine if everybody is out, what will happen? That is unacceptable,” a police officer privy to the matter said.

This comes barely a week after NCIC warned that names of some very senior politicians will be missing from the ballot over hate speech.

NCIC vice-chairperson Wambui Nyutu said the commission was working closely with the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) on integrity issues.

“NCIC will recommend to the EACC not to issue integrity certificates to some senior politicians who have failed to abide by values of cohesion,” she said.

Sourced from Nairobi leo