The murder case facing Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa will now be heard in April after the hearing failed to kick off last week over health concerns.

The legislator, through her lawyers, has also filed an application asking that her case be heard by a Magistrate’s court.

Jumwa and her bodyguard Geoffrey Otieno have been charged with the murder of Gumbao Jola in Ganda, Malindi Constituency, in 2019.

Jumwa’s lawyers told the court that the legislator was feeling better after the hearing which was slated for January 24th was to postponed 27th after the MP fell ill and was reportedly admitted at Karen hospital in Nairobi.

The hospital document tabled in Mombasa Law Courts indicated that she is not able to sit for long hours as she is not medically fit to attend court matters for one month.

The Malindi lawmaker has however maintained an active political schedule and was seen dancing at a Kenya Kwanza rally in Kirinyaga just two days after she was supposedly discharged from hospital.

Jumwa, in her new application, has asked that the matter be moved from the High Court to Magistrate’s Court arguing that a three-judge bench in a previous matter had long held that there is no legal or statutory requirements that murder cases should commence at the High Court.

The MP argues that continuing with the hearing before the High Court would pose a threat to her right to a fair trial and that with the case being heard in a Magistrate’s court she would have more avenues to appeal against any likely conviction and sentence.

The court has set February 8 as the date to give directions on how to deal with Jumwa’s application. Lady Justice Anne Ong’injo has also directed that the case be heard on 4th, 5th and 6th of April 2022.

According to the prosecution, this application and other events that have transpired during the trial is Jumwa’s deliberate effort to delay the case. In July 2021, Jumwa withdrew Otieno’s lawyers prompting the matter to be adjourned.

The lawmaker, who has been exempted from attending court hearings due to health concerns, will this Friday host the Kenya Kwanza Alliance team led by Deputy President William Ruto in Malindi, Kilifi County.

By Citizen Digital