A Form Two student who was captured on CCTV torching a dormitory at Friends School Namwela Boys High has been arrested.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), detectives in Bungoma West took the 18-year-old into custody on Sunday.

The retrieved footage showed the student sprinkling what is suspected to be petrol at a corner of the dormitory on Saturday night.

He is then seen dropping a lighter before leaving the dormitory through a window.

The fire which spread fast destroyed everything inside the dormitory. However, no student was injured during the 8pm incident.

In January, over 10 schools had their dormitories razed in a worrying trend of what is suspected to be arson.

At Bungoma High School, a section of students are suspected to have burned down their dormitory at about 5am when their colleagues were having morning classes.

At Kituro High School in Baringo Central, fire razed three dormitories barely four days after another inferno at the school.

In Eldama Ravine, a dormitory was reduced to ashes at Timboroa Boys High School after fire broke out.

Investigations are yet to establish the cause of the inferno.

10 students from Kimulot Boys in Konoin, Bomet County were also arrested after a dormitory was set ablaze.

Other schools that have reported fire incidents include Chesamisi High; Kimilili Boys; Ndivisi Boys; Khasoko Boys; Bukembe Boys; Mbakalo Boys and Timboroa Boys High School.

Education CS George Magoha has since cautioned students against taking part in any criminal activities.

“In terms of fires and the indiscipline in schools, let us stop treating children like eggs, you’re supposed to allow your child to be prepared to go through life. So as teachers you must be very vigilant, and any person who feels that he/she is a child and is going to assault a teacher, we shall come to you like a tonne of bricks. And I would want all teachers to feel very free to continue to instill discipline,” said the CS.

The DCI also warned that any student found culpable will have the charges reflected on the police clearance certificate commonly referred to as Certificate of Good Conduct.

By Citizen Digital