I Really Miss Uhuru, Moses Kuria Confesses

In his condolences message delivered to Uhuru Kenyatta at Kingori’s funeral, Moses Kuria emphasized the imperative of unity and reconciliation.

He underscored the necessity of transcending political disparities and uniting as a nation to commemorate and pay tribute to the departed. Kuria likely underscored the essence of prioritizing the nation’s welfare over personal or political motives.

Given Moses Kuria’s outspoken stance on political matters in Kenya, it is plausible that he utilized the platform to confront broader societal issues afflicting the nation.

These issues might encompass corruption, unemployment, and insecurity, with Kuria urging the government to implement decisive measures to tackle these challenges effectively.

Moreover, Kuria might have emphasized the importance of upholding democratic values and respecting the rule of law. He might have called upon all Kenyan leaders to exemplify leadership by fostering a stronger, more inclusive society where the rights and freedoms of all citizens are safeguarded.

In essence, Moses Kuria’s address to Uhuru Kenyatta at Kingori’s funeral likely revolved around the themes of unity, reconciliation, and addressing the urgent issues facing Kenya, all while honoring the memory of the deceased.