Finally: Breakthrough on What Happened Before Kiptum’s Death

Days following the tragic demise of world record holder Kelvin Kiptum in a devastating accident, the only survivor, Sharon Kosgei, has come forward to shed light on the events leading up to the crash.

According to a report in Saturday’s edition of the Standard publication, Kosgei recounted that Kiptum was driving at the time of the incident and became panicked, causing the vehicle to veer off the road and plunge into a ditch before colliding with a wall.

Kosgei, who managed to survive the ordeal, revealed that she shouted to alert Kiptum of the danger, unaware that he had already lost consciousness following the impact.

She mentioned that they had just finished watching a football match between Manchester United and Aston Villa and were on their way home when the accident occurred.

Initial investigations into the incident have indicated that Kiptum succumbed to severe head injuries sustained in the crash. Furthermore, authorities have ruled out the possibility of a mechanical malfunction in the vehicle as a contributing factor to the accident.

It is worth noting that preparations are underway by the government to organize a fitting farewell for Kelvin Kiptum on the 24th of February. Kiptum, who was slated to compete against Eliud Kipchoge in an upcoming marathon showdown, will be remembered for his remarkable achievements in the world of athletics.