Hustler Fund Debt to be Deducted Directly From Mpesa? Truth Unveiled

Citizen TV has debunked claims circulating on social media platforms that the Ruto-led government is set to deduct Hustler fund debts directly from MPESA starting tomorrow. The news outlet clarified that the viral photo in question did not originate from them, labeling it as fake news.

In response to the misinformation, Citizen TV took to social media, stating, “Another day, another fake poster. Kindly disregard this message purporting to be from us. Thank you.” The clarification aimed to dispel any confusion stemming from the false information being spread online.

The Hustler fund, a loan service introduced by the Ruto administration, offers accessible loans with minimal interest, payable within a 14-day period.

The government’s objective behind this initiative is to uplift ordinary Kenyans by providing them with financial support through affordable loans.

Despite the positive intentions behind the Hustler fund, there have been instances of default by some Kenyans participating in the loan program. These individuals have yet to repay the money borrowed from the government through the Hustler fund.

It is crucial for the public to rely on credible sources of information and exercise caution when encountering news on social media platforms.

Misleading posts, such as the debunked claim regarding direct deductions from MPESA, can create unnecessary panic and confusion among the public.

As the Ruto-led administration continues its efforts to support ordinary citizens through financial initiatives like the Hustler fund, accurate information dissemination becomes paramount. The debunking of false claims by reputable news outlets like Citizen TV plays a crucial role in maintaining transparency and ensuring that the public is well-informed about government policies and programs.