This is a guide on how to apply for Hustler Fund in Kenya. Hustlers’ Fund is an affirmative action fund established by President William Ruto to uplift SMEs in Kenya.

Under his presidency, the government will set aside Kshs 50 billion to provide cheap credit facilities to small businesses and enterprises.

Disbursement of the fund will commence on 1st December 2022. It will be available to individuals, small enterprises, groups and co-operatives.

Hustler Fund Interest Rate
Hustler Fund Loan will be offered at an interest rate of 8% per annum and on a pro-rata basis.

The loans will be disbursed through a digital or online platform and will be accessible through financial institutions such as SACCOs, banks and microfinance institutions.

Misappropriation of the fund or giving false information while applying for the fund will attract penalties.

Huster Fund Loan Limit
The loans will range between Kshs 500- 50,000. Loan limits will however be determined by the credit score of a borrower.


Be 18 years and above.
Be a permanent resident of Kenya.
Belong to the bracket group of low-income earners.
Be a member of any investment group, credit society or registered association.
Have a valid good conduct certificate.

How To Apply For Hustler Fund

  1. Form a youth group or women’s group.
  2. Create a business proposal.
  3. Produce a good conduct certificate.
  4. Share your residential or home address.
  5. Collect signatures of four guarantors. 2 of the guarantors must be your relatives.
  6. Sign a non-disclosure agreement to serve a jail term for defrauding the government in case you fail to pay the loan within a period of 6 months.
  7. Open a bank account with any of the following banks, KCB or National Bank.
  8. Present or produce your valid KRA PIN.

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