Family Drops Patient on Life Support at Kenya Power Offices

A family in Mtwapa, Kilifi County resorted to bringing their ailing family member, reliant on life support, to the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) Offices due to an extended power outage lasting more than 48 hours.

Expressing their frustration on Friday, the family explained that they had no alternative as the patient required electricity for her nebulizer, used about four times a day. The nebulizer is crucial for administering medication in mist form, inhaled into the patient’s lungs.

The sister-in-law of the patient voiced her distress, stating, “I was really sad and angry today that we had to bring her here at the Kenya Power offices to try and get electricity so that she can nebulize.”

Despite numerous attempts to seek immediate attention from Kenya Power, the family claimed they only received reference numbers without any assistance. Faced with the urgent need for electricity, they decided to stay with the patient at the KPLC offices until their situation was addressed.

The family spokesperson emphasized the gravity of the situation, noting, “It looks like they will just have to stay here because around 8 to 8.30 is when she has to use another dose of the nebulizer.”

They also highlighted that a neighbor, suffering from cancer and dependent on electricity for medication, was similarly affected by the prolonged blackout. The family raised questions about the recurring problems with Kenya Power and the apparent misinformation from their customer care.

Calling for investigations, the family accused Kenya Power of negligence despite being well-informed about their case. The spokesperson stated, “I would like to get an update on my case, but every time I call customer care, they keep lying to me, telling me that they are on the way, yet we never receive their services.”

In addition to the health concerns, the blackout forced the family to discard perishable food items that went stale hours after the power outage. While Kenya Power had not responded to the family’s grievances, its staff accommodated the patient at their offices.

This incident sheds light on the critical impact of power outages on vulnerable individuals, prompting calls for improved responsiveness and accountability from utility providers.