Kenya Power and Lighting Company issues an outage notice set on Sunday (March 21st 2021). The power interruption is set to impact negatively on people in different places as outlined by KPLC.

Lately the Kenya Power and Lighting Company has had many issues do address. One of the major issues affecting them being illegal power connections, not forgetting the huge postpaid unpaid bills that is pushing Kenya Power and Lighting Company to disconnect some of the customers who have withstanding arrears. 

Kenya Power and Lighting Company has also been facing challenges over employees’ extortion. On Friday, an employee was held culprit over extortion. In addition to this, KPLC has faced so many challenges over syphoning of electricity transformer oil by thieves who interfere with the national grid system. This leads to losses for the Kenya Power since they are responsible for repairing such sabotage. 

To curb these problems, the Kenya Power and Lighting Company has come up with very tough measures which will help them in reducing the illegal activities related to electricity consumption and the power assets. For instance, just a day ago, a culprit was aligned in the court of law after the KPLC officials together with police officers arrested him.

The accused accepted that he had bypassed the KPLC meter. These activities are some of the vices that usually reduce the income for the Kenya Power and Lighting Company. This end up impacting negatively on everyone else. For instance when the Kenya Power revenue declines, the company lacks enough capital to sustain certain maintenance and connectivity expenses and end up lending poor services to their customers. 

The accused was fined KSh100,000 after being found guilty for illegal power consumption. This may also befall on any other person found guilty of similar charges.

Despite that Kenya Power works hard to make sure that they offer quality services to the public, they are also creating awareness to the public to avoid illegal electricity activities. The Kenya Power has also informed the public that there will be a long electricity interruption that is scheduled tomorrow in the following parts of the country.

Story courtesy: Opera news