Identity of the Person Who Blocked Sale of KICC

Senator Hon. Wamatinga from Nyeri County has accused individuals linked to President William Samoei Ruto of being responsible for the sale of government entities, including KICC, New KCC, Kenya Literature Bureau, and Kenya Seeds Company.

During a speech at the legislative assembly, the outspoken lawmaker criticized those around President Ruto, alleging their involvement in the disposal of key administrative assets like the KICC.

Senator Wamatinga noted that some power-wielding people who are tight backers of President William Samoei Ruto usually wait for the head of condition to vacate the country then they put some administration assets up for auction. He exhorted Senators to join arrows and repudiate such Proposals.

“It is indeed extremely crucial that we note that there are politicians who require to learn from the fancies of Lawrence Sifuna, those who wait until the president is out of the country, then they list national investments and put them up for deal,” Senator Wamatinga said.

The vocal also Senator banged a paragraph of Kenya Kwanza commanders for ceasing to function to work towards their campaign promises.

He told that rather of trying to fulfill their pledges, they are only attentive on selling national assets to profit themselves.

This arrives after the Orange Democratic Movement party pushed to court to challenge the deal of the KICC and other state companies. The opposition asserted that for the sale to take place, Kenyans must be pertained to through a national referendum.

The tribunal in its declaration put in place conservatory orders discontinuing the sale of the KICC and other condition companies until the case is heard and discerned.