Ruto Speaks on Selling Kenya to Arabs

President William Ruto has opened up on allegations that his government has given up a portion of the country’s territory to an Arab company.

He has said that the country has not sold even an inch of the country’s territory to a Dubai-based carbon credit company.

This follows claims that the government, through the State Department of Environment and Climate Change, struck an agreement the Blue Carbon company three weeks ago.

It is alleged that the government has agreed to hand over millions of hectares to the firm for production of carbon credits.

But Ruto has denied the allegations, saying that actually, his government is working on a new carbon credits tax to offset the cost of financing adaptation measures.

“As I talk to you, the regulations are on their way to parliament. We managed to change the law and, if you remember, I signed the new amendments to the new law about a month and a half ago,” the Head of State told Daily Nation in an exclusive interview.

But the company, in a statement, has confirmed the existence of the deal, even naming some of the people involved in the signing of the agreement.

“Prior to the signing of this momentous agreement, a delegation of esteemed official representatives from Kenya, including Mr Augustine Kenduiwo, Deputy Director of Climate Change Mitigation, visited Blue Carbon offices to discuss potential avenues of collaboration and opportunities,” it said.