“Ruto Hataki Kutumia Dawa” Raila Reveals

“Ruto Anaugua Na Hataki Kutumia Dawa” Raila Odinga Alleges What They Realized With Kalonzo.

The cost of living has become a pressing issue to many kenyans . Since the president promised that immediately after he puts down the bible , the cost of living will be settled , it’s however, clear that during Uhuru’s administration, things were much better than they are today .

President Ruto has articulated his vision for Kenya that its citizens can take pride in over and more so what he has been able to achieve in one year.

Emphasizing the economic transformation and fiscal responsibility of the nation, he highlighted the significant strides made in stabilizing the economy and addressing the burden of national debt that was left by former President Uhuru.

Azimio leader Raila has reacted to Ruto’s statement towards the economy . He says that if the cost of living of Kenyans have not been addressed , then the economy isn’t stable.

He claims that Ruto has refused to work on this despite their hard attempts to pursuade the president.

“We have tried to talk to him but he is not listening . Yeye ni mgonjwa na amekataa kutumia Dawa” -which translates that the president is sick and has refused to take his medication”, said Raila