Bad News to Govt Officials as Kuria Makes a Shocking Move

Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria disclosed plans to release a list of corrupt individuals starting January 2024.

Addressing the audience at the Huduma Ombudsman Awards held at the Kenya International Convention Center (KICC), Kuria emphasized that this initiative aims to deter officials from seeking bribes from the public.

He stated his commitment to holding monthly press briefings to unveil the names of civil servants implicated in corruption allegations.

“We will tell you, this officer asked for this amount… this police station is corrupt and so much more,” he warned.

The forthcoming exposé is set to encompass various entities, ranging from government institutions and county governments to law enforcement agencies such as the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and the National Police Service.

The announcement was accompanied by the assertion that corrupt government officials have contributed to the emotional distress of some Kenyans, even leading to thoughts of suicide. The primary objective, as reiterated, is to facilitate seamless access to government services for all Kenyans.

The commitment includes a strategy of “naming and shaming” individuals responsible for obstructing justice through practices like delayed service, abuse of power, and other forms of misconduct, emphasizing the determination to address systemic issues.

However, he also urged Kenyans to report all corruption cases through the available online platforms to help weed out the vice. 

The CS, nonetheless, did not disclose when the publication of names would begin, whether it was an internal policy or was ratified by the Cabinet. 

“Even if we will not do anything about it, on a monthly basis we will have a non-failing ritual of naming and shaming,” he added.

To ensure the list is appropriate and effective, the CS pledged to liaise with the office of the Ombudsman prior to publishing the names.