Raila Finally Receives Good News After a Long Time

The audit of last year’s Presidential election results is taking another root after IEBC CEO Marjan Hussein agreed to open servers for auditing as demanded by Raila Odinga and his team.

After Marjan’s team declared their readiness for the exercise, Political Parties Liaison Committee (PPLC) has called for the audit of the 2022 Presidential election results, which could be a big advantage for the Azimio.

PPLC has claimed that the audit of the results will help to eliminate the doubts surrounding last year’s election results announced by the electrol body. “It is not too late.

We can still do it and put the doubts and arguments rest,” PPLC National Chair Evans Misati said while calling for the audit of the servers.

This push by the political parties behind opening of the servers could now help Raila Odinga’s led Azimio party to know the election truth.

Should also be noted that IEBC ICT Director also announced his readiness for audit of servers which all shows signs of hope for Odinga.