Kalonzo’s Unfriendly Messages to Raila Odinga

In the last five general elections, there have been election disputes due to the lack of integrity and openness in Independent Electrol and Boundary Commission (IEBC).

Presidential elections has been the most affected one with all results being settled by the Supreme Court, others being nullified and others withheld.

Odinga being the candidate who has been suffering all the way, has been fighting for the election justice and demanding for sanity in the electrol body to avoid the disputes years to come.

Being one of the demand, he raised in bipartisan dialogue with President William Ruto’s side, the Former Prime Minister is expecting through sanity of the IEBC before the 2027 elections.

However, after the start of the dialogue this week, Kalonzo has said that they, Azimio team, have not agreed well with Kenya Kwanza coalition on reconstitution of IEBC.

The Chair of Azimio bipartisan dialogue team said that there are some issues which are yet to be agreed on for them to proceed with reforming the whole body.