End of NHIF as Ruto’s Cabinet Makes Major Changes

Details have now emerged that President Ruto’s Cabinet has now approved major reforms to be made in the Ministry of Health.

Following a cabinet meeting held at Kakamega State Lodge on Tuesday, August 28, the Cabinet has approved a bill that will see the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) repealed or rather revoked henceforth.

According to confirmed reports seen by challyhnews, NHIF will be replaced by three new fund models. They include, Primary Healthcare, Social Health and Emergency, Chronic and Critical Illness Funds.

Reports indicate that the establishment of the new fund models in place of the current NHIF will greatly help in diversifying the health coverage across the country and effectively deal with a specific problem as described by each patient.

Further, the President reportedly informed that the vulnerable people in the society will get the NHIF services for free once the bill is approved by the National Assembly.