Ruto Cuts a Deal With Raila Odinga

Renowned legal professional and Kenyan born Canadian lawyer Miguna has finally decided to allege how his ex-ally honorable Raila Odinga from the opposition team managed to cut a deal with the government of President William Ruto back in April of this current year.

A few minutes ago, Miguna has come out to narrate that the deal between Raila and the Kenya Kwanza government happened almost over four months ago. This was exactly the time Azimio La Umoja through Raila and his cronies were calling on and leading demonstrations in the country.

According to further alleged details from Miguna, something else has been going on since that deal took place. He claims that what many are currently witnessing are just sideshows and decoys which he thinks are meant to serve as a political cover for the Azimio leader.

His message comes amid the process of the president and the opposition leader being unified in a peaceful discussion began weeks ago.