Education is one of the most important sectors of a country’s economy. The government of Kenya invests so much in education by employing teachers and funding education.

In Kenya, education is governed centrally by the Ministry of Education which is currently being headed by Professor Ezekiel Machogu.

According to the current academic calendar, primary and secondary schools in Kenya are supposed to break for a midterm holiday on exactly date 23/06/2023.

It’s exactly at this date when our children will come home to enjoy a three-day holiday. Schools will then resume on exactly date 26/3/2023 so that our children can continue with their studies.

Photo courtesy, the image of the current academic calendar, image used for evidence purposes only.

As parents let’s be ready to welcome our kids back home on this day, let’s also remember to send them enough transport money. Please share your thoughts on this report in the comments section below. Please like, comment, and share.