Citizen TV reporter Stephen Letoo has confirmed that he has now recovered and is safe and sound after employees of the Royal Media company which is the parent company of Citizen TV claimed to have suffered food poisoning on Christmas Day.

The chief executive of the company, Wachira Waruru, issued a clear statement acknowledging the problem that affected all employees who were working on Christmas shift from their offices in Nairobi.

The statement said that the company called for food from a food distribution company for the workers who were at work on Christmas Day but when it arrived on Boxing Day which is the day after Christmas, all the workers started complaining of stomach pain and were rushed to different hospitals. away from Nairobi.

Unfortunately, the report stated that one of the workers who is a woman died as a result of the incident which was assumed to be an experiment with food poisoning.

Various fans flooded the internet to wish all the workers a speedy recovery while it was not known who were affected by the unfortunate incident.

Letoo on Wednesday evening after two days of silence wrote on his Facebook page to confirm that he is now okay – a message understood by many that he may have been one of the victims but with medical services he recovered.

“Now I’m fine,” Letoo said. Various people wished him to continue to recover quickly while others denounced the incident which is still being investigated to find the truth about the poison allegedly placed in the food.

“After talking to you yesterday, I had to say a request for you. Good to hear that you are safe now,” Philip Etale told him. “Amen!! I’m glad to hear this, whoever reads this, be careful your enemy may be the person who is always around you!” another said.

“We thank God for your health and many others who have not yet recovered, may God visit them in the name of Jesus” Nyambeki wrote.

Sourced from Mpasho