The Corona virus pandemic has greatly affected the Kenyans as most people lost their jobs and main Sources of livelihood.

The high cost of treating Covid-19 critically ill patients is a great cause of concern as very few people can afford the charges.

Last year, there was an outcry from Kenyans urging the government to facilitate the medical charges of the people infected with Covid-19.

While speaking to the media, the new NHIF chairperson Lewis Nguyai said that there are preparations underway to ensure that the Kenyans’ Covid-19 treatment costs are partially catered for.

According to a report by Kemri the daily charges for critically ill Covid-19 patients ranges from Sh21,359 per day to Sh24,705.

Currently Kenyans are paying for their Covid-19 health bills across most hospitals in country since NHIF is not permitted legally to pay for the health charges.

The new National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) chairperson, Lewis Nguyai remarked that he is committed to ensure that Kenyans have access to quality and affordable medical services in all hospitals.

Story courtesy Opera news