Tano Tena hitmaker Ben Githae has revealed how his closeness to President Uhuru Kenyatta had made him a lot of money over the past ten years. 

Speaking on Jalang’o TV on Tuesday, April 27, the celebrated hitmaker disclosed that, at one time, he was handed an envelope full of cash at Nakuru State House after a summon by the head of state. The money was in appreciation of the controversial Tano Tena hit song which he insisted was not commissioned by the President or his team.


He revealed that he decided to write the song on his own volition in 2017 after former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his battalion debuted catchy tunes during their campaigns. 

“I had joined this guy since 2011 and it seemed they would be sent home. When I went to the studio to do another album, I asked the producer to listen to the song I had, the guy told me ‘this song is so huge.’

“He asked me to do a video of the song quickly. We did the video… The day we released, our song topped a Sauti Sol hit from number one on top trending,” he explained.

He noted that the song was played on Uhuru’s campaign trail the next day and that the three days that followed, he was never paid a penny for the song.

“No one had talked to me about the song for three days. While in Nyeri, my friend Anderson Waweru, who is close to Uhuru, called me. He told me the President was looking for me. He is at Nakuru State House and he has asked me to look for you.

“I went to Nakuru. I found him (Uhuru) with the DP (William Ruto). ‘You sang a good song and we have called you to say thank you and we would like you to be part of our campaigns.’ Uhuru told me. I was then given an envelope,” he added.

He revealed that upon counting the money, he discovered that it was a lot and he decided to count it after leaving State House.

After the encounter, Githae disclosed that his bond with the President grew closer and he joined forces with Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria to debut the “Mbele iko sawa” (The future is good) caravan.

He revealed that the song has generated millions most of which was disseminated through Skiza tune and explained that he intends to do a song about the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

“We shall compose a BBI song and it will still trend. I have answered that question,” he explained noting that he had not composed the song yet.

In recent months, Kenyans have put the singer on the hot seat claiming that he was responsible for the dwindling economy under Uhuru’s regime.

“Use your talent well. Work for yourself. I will continue working for Uhuru and I ask you to support your candidate peacefully.

“You are the one who has issues, I am fine and healthy. Even if I trend for a week, I will still be fine,” he stated.

Githae added that despite the heat he was taking for the Tano Tena song, he was surprised that it was generating more royalties due to a spike in the downloads and playback tunes.