Deputy President William Ruto recently explained how lucky he was that he did not have to break the bank to pay for his wife, Rachel, dowry. 

Speaking during the funeral of Matungu MP Justus Murunga on December 5, he stated that following his successful political career, he could now afford to meet high demands that may come when his son is ready for marriage.

“I got my wife here at Likuyani and I was lucky because I did not have the 42 cows that are needed. I only had four cows and they allowed me to marry her but for my son, I will be better prepared,” the DP stated. 

Ruto has certainly become a man of means having risen through the ranks to become the deputy president, but he too has suffered heartbreak in the years gone by.

In a past interview with filmmaker Abel Mutua, the DP recounted an incident where he was rejected for not having the financial status needed to get the attention of a girl he had been eyeing.

“The girl’s father was a driver and at that time they had higher social status. I tried my luck with her but she showed me dust. She said that I was not worthy and I was heartbroken,” Ruto recalled.

As life would have it, the two charted different paths in life but later on got a chance to meet again.

While Ruto’s fortunes opened up in Nairobi, the girl would remain in the village where she started a family. 

“We met a while back when I had already finished my education. I discovered that she had already married someone in the village and was raising a family. She respects me despite having written me off since I had become successful,” the DP recounted. 

Ruto’s children are now of age to have families of their own and apart from the Matungu burial where he stated that he was prepared to support his son, he has also prepared his daughter June for her next phase in life after education.

During the traditional marriage ceremony between Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika and businessman Sam Mburu on November 7, the DP stated that June was ready for marriage.

“Now that we have finished with our friends Sam and Susan, there is this young man called Dennis (Itumbi who was in attendance stands up). There is another one known as Nzioka. We also have June (she stood up).

“They are our next candidates for marriage and they are good people. So we are ready to come back for more suitors here in Laikipia in the future,” he spoke.

June is a high-ranking diplomat in Poland and is keen on growing her career in the public service.