The Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) is considering a proposal to establish a parliamentary broadcasting TV channel.

According to the proposal, the station is expected to cost taxpayers Ksh1.1 billion shilling in a two-phase plan. 

The first phase will cost Ksh524 million and will involve an upgrade of the current contract with KBC to expand technical support, equipment and production staff.

Shinyalu MP Justus Kizito who chairs the National Assembly Broadcasting and Library Committee stated that implementing the first phase will cost Ksh249 million in the first year and Ksh247 million in the second year. 

The station will also require Ksh2 million for the purchase of fibre cables and Ksh25 million to cater for additional services to complement KBC services.

In the second phase, Parliament plans to spend Ksh382 million for equipment purchase and additional recurrent expenses that include day to day operations. 

“The long term implementation of the broadcasting programme will mean that Parliament will fully provide personnel and equipment to produce and broadcast Parliament content,” Kizito stated. 

“It is important to note that prices change depending on market costs at the point and time of purchase,” he added. 

The production and technical staff required to actualise the implementation of the Parliament TV channel will be 43. 

Currently, the house streams proceedings of both the National Assembly and the Senate are streamed on on KBC and on Parliament’s YouTube channel. 

The TV station will add to Parliament’s budget that includes a monthly salary to each MP that breaches the Ksh1 million mark, and a Ksh5 million car grant.