The Jubilee party secretary general Hon. Raphael Tuju has today revealed the cause of his misunderstanding with deputy president Dr William Ruto. He also explained about his expected reunion with the second in command. Tuju has said that the causes of differences between him and the deputy president are political ideologies. Though they are still friends. Tuju went on to explain that most of the disagreements have been aroused by different opinions concerning the building bridges initiative.

This is because Ruto wants alot of articles in the BBI to be changed. “I and the William Ruto do not just pass each other on the corridors. Surprisingly, there is so much mutual stuff going on which I and the deputy president discuss freely. It is just on BBI. He wants it another way, we want it another way, but that is his right and we respect it, “he said.

After being asked whether there is a possibility for him to reunite with Ruto, Tuju confirmed that in politics everything is possible and that after the success of the constitutional amendment bill, he is going to think about working with Ruto or not. The Jubilee secretary general has further added that he is a leader who speaks his mind and remains loyal to what is entrusted to him extending that he makes his decisions without fear of intimidation.

The union of Raphael Tuju and Dr William Ruto is going to be a major blow to former prime minister Hon. Raila Odinga. This is because the latter wants to manipulate the leadership of the jubilee party for his own benefit. Raila is currently using the beef between Tuju and Ruto to expand his political strength in order for him to succeed in ascending to the top seat after the retirement of president Uhuru Kenyatta.

By Cahwel news