Boda Boda Using Cooking Gas For Fuel

Kenyans have been exploring alternative ways to power their vehicles due to the increasing cost of fuel in the country. 

One unconventional method gaining attention from Kenyans across the board is the situation of a viral boda boda rider who has stunned Kenyans for using Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) to power his bike.

Local media house interviewed car dealer and expert Miller Kyalo to shed light on the practicability of Kenyans across the board using LPG, commonly referred to as gas to fuel their vehicles and motorcycles.

In the interview, Kyalo clarified that while it is indeed possible to convert an oil-powered engine to using LPG, but not the way depicted in the viral photo.

“The technology of substituting petrol for LPG is very easy but in this case, it is a very bad idea,” Kyalo explained.

The automotive industry expert reiterated the need for careful handling of LPG due to its high combustibility and explosiveness. 

In the case of the boda-boda, he explained, it was evident that the installation had been done haphazardly.

Kyalo provided two crucial safety considerations.

Firstly, he stressed the importance of an automated system that can automatically shut off the gas when it’s not in use. 

Secondly, he cautioned against using regular domestic pipes, as they are not designed to withstand direct exposure to sunlight, highlighting the potential dangers involved.

“The gas cylinder is heavy for a two-wheeler and installing it there is recipe for accidents,” he added.

Kyalo clarified that in the case of cars, the gas cylinder is specifically designed to fit into the space normally occupied by the spare wheel.

Regarding the economic aspect of transitioning to LPG, Kyalo expressed scepticism about any substantial cost savings. 

He pointed out that even with LPG, vehicles still require some amount of fuel, as the gas alone cannot generate enough power to start the engine.

Kyalo recommended that Kenyans contemplating a switch from traditional fuel to LPG for their motorcycles should consider converting the bikes into three-wheelers. 

This modification, he said, will offer greater stability and space for proper placement of the gas cylinder.

“It is good to see Kenyans being innovative but in this case, it is cosmetic. It should be done in a professional manner,” he stated.