The war between Ruto and handshake is till on and does not show any signs of stoping any time now. In fact, the war is gaining momentum as we approach the 2022 elections. These leaders have been fighting a political war for some times now and among them no one is ready to be defeated.

The former prime minister Raila Odinga and the current president of Kenya Uhuru Kenya have joined hands through their handshake and The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) to fight and try to destroy the deputy president with his hustler narrative which they say is a scam, the deputy president is misleading the youths by luring them using promises that can never be achieved even if they voted him to power.

On the other side the deputy president solely is trying to fight back the two ‘ Political giants’ calling their BBI and Handshake a scam which they are trying to use to lure the people of Kenya into re- electing them into power when they have nothing better for Kenyans but just interested in sharing political position in the governmet. Between the two fighting sides it’ s actually difficult to tell who will win the game at the end of the day, leaving the other to go home frustrated.

Both of these political entities have a good number of Supporters by now whom you can’ t gauge and say that this particular group has alot of Supporters than this one. The deputy president is fighting alone also and have a huge number of Supporters behind him. He has won the hearts of most youths in this nation whom he call hustlers and promise to help them alot incase he will ascends to the throne in 2022.

The former prime minister Raila Odinga and the president Uhuru Kenyatta also have attracted a good number of Supporters through their Building Bridges Initiative ( Agenda) and the handshake.

Ruto while speaking to the residents of Nyali revealed how he was the one who helped Raila become the prime minister he said without him, Raila could not be the prime minister because he is weak Politically. He also disclosed how he fought tirelessly to make Uhuru the forth president of Kenya and without him, the president could not be the president now because he is also weak Politically.

He also revealed to the people of Nyali that ” Hao watu wa handshake wamemzoea vibaya” They have used him and dumbed him on various occasions.

Source: Hotnews